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Cynthia Leitich Smith hosts an extremely active website  and a companion blog.  She regularly features interviews of authors in the world of children and young adult books.  Included on the site is a posted interview in recognition of the release of  AUTHORS IN A PANTRY: RECIPES, STORIES, AND MORE (Libraries Unlimited, 2007)-  Read the  interview.
More treats! More author profiles! More fun! This companion to McElmeel's Authors in the Kitchen focuses on another 50 popular children's authors, including Berthe Amoss, Betsy Byars, Jean Fritz, Johanna Hurwitz, and others, with delectable recipes contributed by the authors or based on their books. You'll also learn some fascinating facts about each author--and read the stories behind the recipes. Biographical details, author photos, book lists, and reading connections make this a perfect resource for library, classroom, and home. If you love children's books and food, you'll love this book--it's a delicious way to learn about children's authors and literature, and a great gift for children's literature lovers!
SHARRON L. McELMEEL is a renowned author and an instructor of Children's and Young Adult Literature at University of Wisconsin-Stout. A literacy consultant and columnist, she was named Iowa Reading Teacher of the Year in 1987, and in 2004 she received the Iowa Reading Association's State Literacy Award in recognition of her lifelong efforts to build literacy and literature appreciation in the community. Her columns appear regularly in Library Sparks and in School Library Media Activities Monthly.

DEBORAH L. MCELMEEL, a gourmet cook, earned a graduate degree in science from the University of Iowa and uses her extensive knowledge of chemistry and food to create (and test) these delicious recipes.  She currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

A little magic -- Lutes, Jason and Nick Bertozzi.  (2007) Houdini: The Handcuff King.  With and introduction by Glen David Gold. The Center for Cartoon Studies/Hyperion.  ISBN-13: 978-0-7868-3902-5; ISBN-10: 0-7868-3902-3 -- use these recipes for Magic Cookie Bars or  Magic Cookies with Disappearing Ice Cream.  Let us know how you enjoy them -- e-mail.

A recipe and quote from the Authors in the Pantry: Recipes, Stories, and More by Sharron L. McElmeel.  This prints as a postcard if you wish to download the image and  print it on card stock.

Robin Pulver - recipe

More books from the pantry -- try this list.



"Like its companion, Authors in the Kitchen, McElmeel (children's literature, U. of Wisconsin) intends this book for teachers and librarians hoping to connect students to literature through food. The book focuses on 50 popular children's authors, bringing together their biographical information, their favorite recipes (and the stories behind them), and selected reading lists. Authors profiled include Eric A. Kimmel, Berthe Amoss, Betsy Byars, Jean Fritz, Tom Birdseye, Helen Ketteman, and Johanna Hurwitz." -- Book News, Inc.

"The literature and foods featured in the book will appeal to children in grades kindergarten-6, but adults will enjoy reading and cooking, too. The book stimulates a sense of joy and fun, and hunger to read and eat. It's recommended for school and public libraries, as well as curriculum centers in academic libraries." -- Technicalities

"This book is similar to the McElmeels' Authors in the Kitchen (Libraries Unlimited, 2005) as both include biographical information on 50 children's authors and illustrators using their favorite recipes as a way of introducing them. ... This volume can be used for themed units and will give teachers and librarians ideas for connecting children with the individuals featured." -- School Library Journal

"Here is a fun collection about children's authors that contains stories about their lives, lists of their books, and several recipes connected to the books that they have written....If you cook with children as they sample the literature, this is a good addition to your recipe collection." -- Teacher Librarian

"This is a very carefully thought out book. The author definitely took great care in choosing many author's recipes from different cultures. There are recipes for Swedish Pepparkarkor, Blueberry soup, and even Irish Wake Cake.

This is a great book for kids. Each recipe accompanies a paragraph about the various ingredients in the recipe: broccoli, polenta, etc. In addition, there are tons of suggestions for further reading about various subjects that have to do with food. Fantastic!  " -- Jennifer (as quoted on

Alexander, Sue, 1-6
Amoss, Berthe, 7-10
Arnold, Marsha Diane, 11-14
Birdseye, Tom, 15-19
Boelts, Maribeth, 21-25
Bradfield, Roger, 27-30
Brill, Marlene Targ, 31-36
Brown, Craig, 37-40
Brown, Don, 41-46
Bruchac, Joseph, 47-52
Byars, Betsy, 53-56
Calmenson, Stephanie, 57-62
Carbone, Elisa, 63-68
Carlson, Nancy, 69-75
Colman, Penny, 75-78
deGroat, Diane, 79-82
Dooley, Norah, 83-86
Ehlert, Lois, 87-90
Esbaum, Jill, 91-94
Fritz, Jean, 97-100
Halperin, Wendy, 101
Hillenbrand, Will, 107-10
Hopkinson, Deborah, 111-15
Hurst, Carol Otis,  117-22  (Carol passed away on January 21, 2007 at the age of 73.)
Hurwitz, Johanna, 123-27
Jacobson, Jennifer R., 129-33
Ketteman, Helen, 133-38
Kimmel, Eric, 139-43
Lanton, Sandy, 145-48
Lawlor, Laurie, 149-54
Leedy, Loreen, 155-58
Smith, Cynthia Leitich, 159-65
Smith, Greg Leitch, 159-65
Lewis, E.B., 167-71
Mandel, Peter, 173-76
Martin, Rafe, 177-80
Morris, Ann, 181-86
Pulver, Robin, 187-90
Ransom, Candice, 191-94
Ransome, James, 195-201
Cline-Ransome, Lisa, 195-201
Roop, Peter, 203-9
Roop, Connie, 203-9
Rubel, Nicole, 211-15
Rueda, Claudia, 217-21
Ryan, Pam Muñoz, 223-28
Stanley, Diane, 229-33
Vestergaard, Hope, 235-40
Wiles, Deborah, 241-46
Wingerter, Linda S., 247-51


Authors in the Pantry: Recipes, Stories, and More. 2007. 250 pgs. appendix. illus, index. Libraries Unlimited, $32.00 ISBN: 1591583217

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