[Educators] create and engage their students in literacy practices that develop awareness, understanding, respect, and a valuing of differences in our society.


Literacy Event #2:  Community Health and Literacy Fair

(Diversity- connections home and community literacy to school literacy)


IRA Standard 4:  Element 4.2- Candidates use a literacy curriculum and engage in instructional practices that positively impact students' knowledge, beliefs, and engagement with the features of diversity.


Annotation/Details of the Event

Each August on the first and third Saturday, the City of Milwaukee and a local church (Holy Redeemer) sponsor a "Back-to-School Health Fair," one on the Northside and one on the Southside, respectively.  Students of all ages accompanied by an adult are able to receive needed immunizations, vision and dental screenings, and backpacks with school supplies.  Adults receive information regarding their health and that of their child.  The City of Milwaukee and Holy Redeemer are always soliciting for other groups to participate in this Health Fair.  I will request space for a booth and provide materials for parents and students regarding literacy.  Some of the materials I will provide are: study tips and reading strategies bookmarks, award-winning book lists by grade with brief annotations, free books donated by Parent magazine (received in previous years), afterschool tutoring programs, ways for parents/guardians to support their children in school, and mini-journals with a pen donated by Michael's (craft store –end of season donation).  I will also have six children with me (two each from elementary, middle, and high school) to help make connections and talk to other children who visit our booth.  My information will directly connect to literacy resources, educational/reading strategies, and student achievement for students, parents, and the community at large.



The materials and books provided will reflect the diversity in our city (i.e. Asian, African, African-American, Hispanic, European, etc…).  I will also provide literacy materials and resources in various languages through Literacy Services of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.


                                                                                      248 words by Wendy Smith


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