[Educators] create and engage their students in literacy practices that develop awareness, understanding, respect, and a valuing of differences in our society.

Literacy Event #3:  Cultural Traditions

(Diversity- ELL, African, and African-American, Hispanic, Native American, & European)


IRA Standard 4:  Element 4.3- Candidates develop and implement strategies to advocate for equity.


Annotation/Details of the Event

Milwaukee is a very segregated city with very rich diversity which is reflected in our public school system.  A way to teach tolerance and understand one another is by sharing our cultural backgrounds and traditions with one another.  Students, parents, and community members of all ages will be invited to one of our local high schools on the second Saturday of each month from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM to celebrate and learn about a particular culture.  There will be dances, music, food, pictures, artifacts, books, storytelling, and people (assorted ages) who can answer questions about their culture.  Most of these groups have their own Chamber of Commerce and these organizations will be key in the planning of the cultural tradition day.  Through these sharing experiences, we will all learn more about one another, what we share in common, how we are different, and how we can support one another.  Books from the culture will be there, not only as informational resources, but for the storytelling portion, especially for elementary and middle school children.  There will be opportunities for people to learn how to write their names or other words in a different language.



The sharing of various cultural traditions will promote a better understanding of one another and an appreciation of our similarities and differences.  Students of all ages will be able to read and share stories of the featured culture.  People who attend will be positively affected and treat one another with more understanding and kindness.


                                                                                      247 words by Wendy Smith


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