[Educators] create a literate environment that fosters reading and writing by integrating foundational knowledge, instructional practices, approaches and methods, curriculum materials, and the appropriate use of assessments.

Literacy Event #4:  Create a Reading Journal


IRA Standard 5:  Element 5.1- Candidates design the physical environment to optimize students' use of traditional print, digital, and online resources in reading and writing instruction.


Annotation/Details of the Event

Students Grades 1-12 will be invited to our neighborhood community center to design and create their own reading journal.  Adult volunteers will also be on hand to work side-by-side with the students helping them with the materials and to emphasize the importance of reading and writing everyday.  The upper middle and high school students will be encouraged to pair up with an elementary grade student to help with the journal-making.  Computers will be available for students to include pictures, even those downloaded from their own digital device.  The students will be asked to include a picture of their favorite book's cover.  Once the students have finished making their journals, their first writing entry will be about how they felt about working together and making their own journal.  The older students can help their younger partner with the writing entry. Students can share their entry with the others and the commitment they'll make to daily reading and writing.


Literate Environment

By working together in pairs along with the support of adult volunteers, the students will understand the importance of reading and writing through the creation of their own reading journal.  They will be more committed to reading and writing everyday because the journal is their creation.  Since they will be teaching and learning from one another, this will help to improve their literacy overall.

                                                                                        223 words by Wendy Smith

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