News Article: State Library of Iowa. (2002 March). "Building a Community of Readers" Attracts Thousands. Footnotes: The Official Newsletter of the State Library of Iowa. 26:3, page 1, 6.


Brainstorming Possible Literacy Events -

1. Cultural Traditions

2. Story Sharing

3. Community Health and Literacy Fair

4. Guest Readers

5. Plant the Seed and Read

6. Meet a Character Night

7. Create a Reading Journal

8. Family Literacy Night

9. Family Memory Boxes

10. BBQ & Booktalks

List compiled by Wendy A. Smith -- You may view Wendy's examples here.

More information about each of the brainstormed events are included on the linked pages.

Create a Literate Environment -

  1. Begin by reading carefully the International Literacy Association's information regarding ILA standard 5 - Standards 2010: Standard 5 - Literate Evironment.
    This document outlines the importance of creating a literate environment - and in particular outlines the various assumptions in regard to developing the standards. Take note especially of this assumption-- "The goal of the literate environment is to create a flexible border between the world outside the classroom and school to the world within (i.e., making the curriculum permeable to the social context). Learning should extend beyond the walls of the educational context to explore the potential for acts of literacy that affect the world outside."
  2. To get background on establishing the basic literacy-rich environment (primary/elementary classroom) read:
    Funk, John. (2008) "Creating a Literacy-Rich Environment." Early Childhood News: The Professional Resource for Teachers and Parents. (Online) -- Educators working with older readers will find valuable background here as well. Many secondary classrooms are sterile and devoid of print or literacy focus material.
  3. The following information addresses the expansion of literacy acts to the world outside of the educational world. Wendy Smith, a student in a literature course at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, agreed to allow me to share her paper addressing this topic -- extending literacy into the community. You may view Wendy's examples here.


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